P2.5 Wavy LED Poster Display

Application: Indoor movable Poster LED Display

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General Introduction:

Ordinary poster LED displays are flat ones with similar looks. LEDSOLUTION never stops our step in developing new products. Now we are providing wavy LED displays. It’s also a very good idea as poster LED displays. Our wavy LED poster displays are designed with beautiful shapes and produced elaborately to achieve perfect performance. It’s becoming increasingly popular as commercial advertising LED displays.


  1. Except our standard sizes, Shapes and sizes are customizable. We make our best efforts to meet the clients’ request, and offer a good solution.
  2. We adopt flexible LED modules. The modules will match the frame perfectly, to make excellent wavy shapes, and seamless display surface.
  3. Front service solution. No need maintenance space behind the display. Save installation space.
  4. Lightweight design. Easy to remove if necessary.
  5. Wireless control and centralized control multi-displays.


Parameter Value Value Value
Model LS-IWP-P2.5-0.32mx1.92m LS-IWP-P2.5-0.48mx1.92m LS-IWP-P2.5-0.64mx1.92m
Application Indoor Indoor Indoor
Pitch 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Pixel density 16000 16000 16000
LED density 16000 16000 16000
Brightness 1000nit 1000nit 1000nit
Color temperature 6500deg. K 6500deg. K 6500deg. K
Viewing angle – Horizontal 140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70) deg.
Viewing angle – Vertical 140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)deg.
Module size(W*H) 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm
Module resolution(W*H) 128*64pixel 128*64pixel 128*64pixel
Module Qty(W*H) 2*6=12pcs 3*6=18pcs 4*6=24pcs
LED area Size size(W*H) 320*1920mm 480*1920mm 640*1920mm
Frame size(W*H) 320*1800mm 480*1800mm 640*1800mm
Frame depth 50mm 50mm 50mm
Frame bottom depth 400mm 400mm 400mm
LED area sq. meter 0.6144sqm 0.9216sqm 1.2288sqm
Resolution(W*H) 128*768pixel 192*768pixel 256*768pixel
Frame material Steel Steel Steel
Net Weight 18kg /set 28kg /set 36kg /set
Module design Flexible led module Flexible led module Flexible led module
Service access Module front service Module front service Module front service
Ingress protection (front/rear) IP23 IP23 IP23
Operating temperature range -30 to +60 deg. C -30 to +60 deg. C -30 to +60 deg. C
Humidity operating 10% ~ 90% RH 10% ~ 90% RH 10% ~ 90% RH
Pixel type and configuration 3in1 SMD 3in1 SMD 3in1 SMD
Min. viewing distance 1.9m 1.9m 1.9m
Best viewing distance 3~100m 3~100m 3~100m
Colors 281 Trillion 281 Trillion 281 Trillion
Grey scale (linear) 65536 levels per color 65536 levels per color 65536 levels per color
Brightness control 100Levels 100Levels 100Levels
Contrast ratio 3000:1 3000:1 3000:1
Processing depth 16bit 16bit 16bit
Video frame rate 60Hertz 60Hertz 60Hertz
Display refresh rate 1920Hertz 1920Hertz 1920Hertz
Input voltage (nominal) 110 or 220VAC 110 or 220VAC 110 or 220VAC
Input power frequency 50 to 60 Hertz 50 to 60 Hertz 50 to 60 Hertz
Input power (max) 400 Watts/set 600 Watts/set 800 Watts/set
Input power (typical) 160 Watts/set 240 Watts/set 320 Watts/set
Lifetime (50% brightness) ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000
Red wavelength (dominant) 620~625 620~625 620~625
Green wavelength (dominant) 525~530 525~530 525~530
Blue wavelength (dominant) 470~475 470~475 470~475
Multimedia data format DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc. DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc. DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.
Data interconnection WIFI WIFI WIFI
Mounting system Standard on ground Standard on ground Standard on ground





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