Rental LED Display

LEDSOLUTION designed several series of die-cast Rental LED displays. The LED panels are much thinner and lighter than conventional steel ones. They are becoming more and more popular for both fixed installation and rental application.


  • Thin & Light weight design;
  • Flat & seamless screen surface;
  • High refresh rate;
  • With fast locks for quick assembly. Save time on assembly;
  • Long lifetime and stable performance;
  • Indoor models are suitable for indoor fixed installation and rental use;
  • Outdoor models are suitable for outdoor & indoor rental application;
  • Competitive prices.

Indoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx0.5m-A

Indoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx0.5m-B

Indoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx1m-A

Indoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx1m-B

Outdoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx0.5m-A

Outdoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx0.5m-B

Outdoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx1m-A

Outdoor Rental LED Display 0.5mx1m-B

Rental LED Display 0.64mx0.64m

Rental LED Display 0.96mx0.96m

More Rental Cabinet Mode Options

K Series


  • Front & Back service
  • Power box replaceable in seconds
  • Pitch options: Indoor 2.6mm/2.98mm/3.91mm/4.81mm; Outdoor 3.91mm/4.81mm
  • Cabinet size options: 500500mm, 5001000mm
  • Curveable options: Flat or ±15 curveable
500x500mm-K Series
500x1000mm-K Series