With a dedicated team of professional engineers based in our two advanced technology centers, located in Shenzhen, LEDSOLUTION R&D has the skills, experience and access to emerging technologies required to stay competitive in led application industry. Our engineers develop advanced technologies and innovative solutions that are environmentally safe, more efficient and cost-effective. It is their work that has helped LEDSolution build a broad portfolio of patented technologies and design expertise in a range of fields including processor control algorithms, optical performance, and much more.

Production Design

Our engineering teams approach every product design project focused on how to optimize products for testing, manufacturing and real world functionality. In other words, they design products that using effective task force and resources and construction, and require a minimum of material resources,all this while ensuring uncompromised quality and reliability. Every product is tested extensively and rigorously using state-of-the-art equipment at the LEDSolution Design Validation and Reliability Testing laboratories to identify and resolve potential problems before they arise. The Result is: Improved performance, higher reliability, lower costs, and greater customer value.


Technology is at the heart of everything we do, and it is the backbone of the design and engineering services that are integral to our customized solutions service strategy. In fact, we have a team of engineers dedicated specifically to creating deliverable products based on the conceptual designs developed at LEDSolution. It’s all part of the turnkey product design services we provide; services that are based on core LEDSolution technologies such as processing system, software, electrical, mechanical and LED optical capabilities.

LED Display Solutions