Traffic LED Display

Many cities around the world are adopting LED displays in their intelligent transportation system. These versatile displays are commonly used as roadway & highway messaging, overhead traffic signs, tollbooth queuing guidance etc. They can be used in almost any display function along a roadway.

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Main Benefits of Traffic LED display:
1. With high brightness and greater visibility, they are more effective than any other form of sign, both day and night;
2. Able to show various messages and even graphics;
3. Programs can be updated remotely at any time. Don’t need to send labors to adjust the LED display on-site, saving operating costs;
4. Energy-saving, because LED display uses much less power than conventional bulbs.

Main Features of LEDSOLUTION Traffic LED Display:
1. Top quality level LEDs used, with strong stability and long lifetime;
2. High brightness visible in the sun;
3. Weatherproof for outdoor application;
4. With pixel test function, more convenient for maintenance;
5. Excellent heat dissipation design on cabinet;
6. Low power consumption.

In short, our high quality traffic LED displays fit all your traffic signage demands.



P5 LED Traffic Sign

P5 LED Traffic Sign 640x320mm Model: LS-VMS-P5-CF-0.64mx0.32m-IP65 Application: Outdoor Traffic Application


P20 Traffic LED Display Model: LS-VMS-P20-0.96mx0.96m-IP65 Application: Outdoor traffic application


P20 Tri-color Traffic LED Display Model: LS-VMS-P20-0.64mx0.64m-2R1G-CF-IP65 Application: Outdoor traffic application


P12 Traffic LED Display Model: LS-VMS-P12-1.152mx1.728m-IP65 Application: Outdoor traffic application


P10 Traffic LED Display Model: LS-VMS-P10-0.96mx0.96m-IP65 Application: Outdoor traffic application