Nationstar Semiconductor is known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, which have enabled the company to produce high-quality LED products that are widely used in various applications, including outdoor and indoor lighting, automotive lighting, and display backlighting.


Shenzhen Kinglight Optoelectronics Co., Ltd is a Chinese company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of LED. Established in 2005, the company has grown to become a leading global supplier of LED.


Macroblock was founded in June, 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and positions itself as a mixed-signal design house with special focus on the power management and opto-electronic applications, Macroblock was certified by ISO 9001:2000 in April, 2004.
Macroblock is a dedicated mixed-signal IC company and is chartered to provide solutions for opto-electronic applications. Among the wide range of opto-electronic devices, Macroblock chooses adequate devices as the axis for technology development, e.g. LED. Macroblock explores the device nature and develops the appropriate technology to outperform the advantages of the devices. With the efforts and development for years, Macroblock has successfully marketed products worldwide.


MEAN WELL is one of the leading switching power supply manufacturers in Taiwan . Established in 1982, it gained ISO-9001 certification in 1994. Our product lines include AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers.