Introducing the ES960 Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display – a cutting-edge solution for outdoor advertising and signage. This innovative product is designed to maximize energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for outdoor fixed installations.

With a remarkable power consumption of just 480W per cabinet at its maximum and an average of only 192W per cabinet, the ES960 Series ensures cost-effective operation without compromising on performance. Its IP65/65 rating guarantees durability and resistance to harsh outdoor conditions.

Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminum materials, both the cabinet and modules are designed to dissipate heat effectively, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance in various outdoor environments. The slim 80mm cabinet depth allows for a sleek, space-saving installation.

One standout feature is the hidden wiring, which not only enhances the display’s aesthetics but also ensures safety and longevity. Additionally, the cable-free module design simplifies maintenance and reduces potential points of failure.

The ES960 Series offers dual service options – front service and back service – providing flexibility in installation and maintenance. This feature-rich display is available in multiple pixel pitches, including 5.7mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, and 10mm, catering to diverse visual requirements.

Remarkably lightweight, with a cabinet weighing only 30kg per square meter, this display offers hassle-free handling and installation. Its impeccable flatness ensures a seamless viewing experience, making it perfect for outdoor applications where image quality matters.

The ES960 Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display is a game-changer in the world of outdoor advertising. Its energy-efficient design, rugged construction, hidden wiring, and versatile service options make it the go-to choice for outdoor fixed installations, offering outstanding performance and visual excellence.

ES Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display 960x960x80mm Panel






Independent LED Module

ES Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display Independent waterproof & Cable-free 480x320mm Module
ES Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display pixel pitch 6.67mm & 8mm & 10mm


5.7mm / 6.67mm / 8mm / 10mm




ES Series Energy-saving LED Display






80mm thickness super slim ES Series Energy-saving Aluminum Outdoor LED Display


>>Front & Rear service. Flexible to fit different installation sites. A module can be assembled or dismounted within a few seconds.

>>Lightweight cabinet. Cabinet is only  30kg/sqm. Save space for installation site and save installation structure cost.

>>Better heat dissipation because of aluminum back cover.

>Flat & seamless screen surface.

>>True-to-life colors. High image quality.

>>Stable and reliable performance.

>>Long lifespan.


ParameterValue Value Value Value 
Pixel density30625pixel22500pixel15625pixel10000pixel
LED density30625pixel22500pixel15625pixel10000pixel
Brightness 6000nit6000nit6000nit6000nit
Color temperature 6500deg. K 6500deg. K 6500deg. K 6500deg. K 
Viewing angle – Horizontal140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70) deg. 
Viewing angle – Vertical140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)deg. 
Module size(W*H)480*320480*320480*320480*320
Module resolution(W*H)84*5672*4860*4048*32
Module case materialDiecast aluminumDiecast aluminumDiecast aluminumDiecast aluminum
Module working voltage(Energy saving degisn)2.8/3.8V2.8/3.8V2.8/3.8V2.8/3.8V
Cabinet size(W*H*D)960*960*80960*960*80960*960*80960*960*80
Cabinet sq. meter0.92160.92160.92160.9216
Cabinet resolution(W*H)168*168144*144120*12096*96
Cabinet material Aluminum profileAluminum profileAluminum profileAluminum profile
Cabinet weight 28282828
Cabinet modeOutdoor fixed installationOutdoor fixed installationOutdoor fixed installationOutdoor fixed installation
Service accessFront & BackFront & BackFront & BackFront & Back
Ingress protection (front/rear) IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65IP65/IP65
Operating temperature range -30 to +60 deg. C-30 to +60 deg. C-30 to +60 deg. C-30 to +60 deg. C
Humidity operating10% ~ 90% RH10% ~ 90% RH10% ~ 90% RH10% ~ 90% RH
Pixel type and configuration 3in1 SMD 3in1 SMD 3in1 SMD 3in1 SMD 
Recommended minimum viewing distance 4.3325.06926.087.6
Recommended best viewing distance5.7~200m6.67~200m8~200m10~200m
Colors  281 Trillion281 Trillion281 Trillion281 Trillion
Grey scale (linear) 65536 levels per color 65536 levels per color 65536 levels per color 65536 levels per color 
Brightness control 100Levels 100Levels 100Levels 100Levels 
Contrast ratio 2000:12000:12000:12000:1
Processing depth 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 
Video frame rate 60Hertz 60Hertz 60Hertz 60Hertz 
Display refresh rate 3840Hertz3840Hertz3840Hertz3840Hertz
Input voltage (nominal) 110 or 220VAC110 or 220VAC110 or 220VAC110 or 220VAC
Input power frequency 50 to 60 Hertz 50 to 60 Hertz 50 to 60 Hertz 50 to 60 Hertz 
Input power (max) 480480480480
Input power (typical)192192192192
Lifetime (50% brightness) ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000 ≥100000 
Red wavelength (dominant) 620~625620~625620~625620~625
Green wavelength (dominant) 525~530525~530525~530525~530
Blue wavelength (dominant) 470~475470~475470~475470~475
Multimedia data formatDVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.
Data interconnection UTP Cat 5/Optical FiberUTP Cat 5/Optical FiberUTP Cat 5/Optical FiberUTP Cat 5/Optical Fiber

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