Indoor P10 Perimeter LED Display


Application: Indoor basketball hall, Badminton venue


  1. For indoor use;
  2. High refresh rate;
  3. Aluminum cabinet;
  4. Cabinet depth only 136mml;
  5. Light weight cabinet only 36kg;
  6. Software plastic mask and soft top protection;
  7. Flight case package;


Parameter Unit Value
Pitch mm 10
Brightness nits 1,500
Color temperature deg. K 6,500
Viewing angle – Horizontal (50% brightness) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)
Viewing angle – Vertical (50% brightness) deg. 140(-70 ~ +70)
Panel weight kg 36
Panel width mm 1,280
Panel height mm 800
Panel depth mm 136
Panel area sq. m. 1.024
Panel material Epoxy paint coated aluminum
Panel Mode Quick Assembly Cabinet with Bracket
Panel protection Soft mask
Ingress protection (front/rear) IP IP22/IP43
Operating temperature range deg. C -30 to +60
Humidity operating RH 10% ~ 90%
Pixel type and configuration R/G/B 3in1 SMD
Resolution per panel 128×80
Dot per panel 10,240
Dot per sq. meter 10,000
LED per sq. meter 10,000
Recommended minimum viewing distance m 7.6
Recommended best viewing distance m 10~40
Colors 281 Trillion
Grey scale (linear) Levels 65,536 levels per color
Brightness control Levels 100
Contrast ratio 1,000:1
Processing depth bit 16
Video frame rate Hertz 60
Display refresh rate Hertz 180~3,000
Input voltage (nominal) VAC 110 to 240
Input power frequency Hertz 50 to 60
Input power (max) Watts/ cabinet. 600
Input power (typical) Watts/ cabinet. 240
Lifetime (50% brightness) Hours ≥100,000
Red wavelength (dominant) nm 620~625
Green wavelength (dominant) nm 520~525
Blue wavelength (dominant) nm 470~475
Multimedia data format DVI,MPG,AVI,WMV,RM etc.
Data interconnection UTP Cat 5/Optical Fiber
Mounting system Stand on ground by bracket

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