Taxi LED Display


Taxi Top LED Display is becoming a popular new mobile media for city advertising.
It’s definitely more attractive than traditional printing paper taxi tops, in its higher brightness, dynamic programs, longer lifetime and more flexible way of updating the adverts.

LEDSOLUTION provide 3 models of Taxi Top LED Displays, including pitch 4mm, 5mm, 6mm. Our products are double-sided, highly weather-proof, with high brightness visible in the sun, and meanwhile, brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the environment. Display sizes and housing styles are customizable.

We also provide controller that with geo-targeting function, which means, you can design GPS-based advertising map zones, and send specific ads to taxi top LED displays running in your target areas. This function is welcomed by the advertising companies and the investors.

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* Light weight design;
* Shockproof;
* 3G/4G wireless communication;
* IP65/65 protection level;
* 140 degree wide viewing angle;
* 3,000~7,000nit brightness optional;
* Automatic brightness adjustment;
* Powered directly through the vehicle’s 12V DC power system;
* Easy to mount onto taxi tops and convenient to remove it when necessary.
* 7/24 working.



Model: LS-TX-P3.33B-0.96mx0.32m Application: Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display


Model: LS-TX-P4B-0.96mx0.32m Application: Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display


Model: LS-TX-P5B-0.96mx0.32m Application: Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display


Model: LS-TX-P6-0.96mx0.384m Application: Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display


Model: LS-TX-P5-0.96mx0.32m Application: Outdoor Taxi Top LED Display