K Series Rental LED Display

Application: Indoor / Outdoor Rental or Fixed Installation


* Pitch: Indoor 2.6mm / 2.98mm / 3.91mm; Outdoor 2.6mm / 3.91mm / 4.81mm
* Quick assembly design
* Both front & rear service available for the modules, very convenient
* Precise positioning to ensure seamless connection
* Power supply box can be dismantled separately and replaced quickly
* With corner protection for the LEDs
* Waterproof cabinet, suitable for both rental and fixed installation
* Various ways to set up the LED display system: wall-mounted, hanging on truss or stacking system

Indoor Rental LED Display 500x500mm-K

Indoor Rental LED Display 500x1000mm-K

Outdoor Rental LED Display 500x500mm-K

Outdoor Rental LED Display 500x1000mm-K