LED Gas Price SignAn Attention Grabbing Marketing Tool

LED signs are widely used in gas stations nowadays. Comparing with the traditional boring plastic gas price displays, LED signs are much more attractive, flexible in operating and with various options. What’s more, it also helps improve the overall look of a gas station.

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Generally speaking, LED gas price signs are with the following benefits:

  • Prices can be changed wirelessly from an indoor location or from the headquarters.
  • Prices are continuously and correctly displayed.
  • Instant updates let the customers know the latest prices.
  • Various options of digit sizes and configurations to fit all applications for canopy, monument, high-rise and custom design.
  • Illumination colors can be red, green, amber or white.
  • Saves costs on installation and maintenance due to the high durability and long lifetime of the LEDs.

LEDSOLUTION provide four types of LED gas price signs.


(1)Modular LED gas price sign Model A

This kind of LED sign can display both numbers and text information.

P10 Modular Gas Price LED Display Modular Gas Price LED Display


(2) 7 segment Gas Price LED Display B

Different digit sizes available, such as 8’’, 12’’, 15’’, 18“, 24’’ etc. Segments are waterproof for outdoor. No need extra protection.

7 segment petro price led display 7 segment outdoor gas price display

(3) 7 segment Gas Price LED Display C

Font and sizes are customizable.

7 segment digital price display Gas price led display - 7 Segment

(4) Modular Gas Price LED Display D

You can change the digit fonts and adjust the sizes.

15inch Fuel Price Display 15inch gas price sign