Transparent Glass LED Display


Transparent glass LED display is a special product in LED display industry. It looks cool and attractive. Because it is transparent, it will not block the sight view behind the glass. Main applications sites are: shopping mall, 4S store, corporate building, etc.

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* High transparency from 50% to 75%.
* Ultra light. Panel weight is only about 30% or less of the conventional steel LED panels.
* High brightness over 5000nit, high visibility even under direct sunlight.
* Wide viewing angle: horizontal 140° vertical 140°.
* Energy-saving. Average power consumption: 400W/m2.
* Easy & fast installation by hanging the panel.
* Smart control. Multi options of control ways: USB, WiFi, RJ45, 3G, Ethernet.
* Reliable quality. LEDSOLUTION adopt high quality materials, to ensure stable performance and long lifetime.