Outdoor DIP LED Display


LEDSOLUTION’s outdoor LED Displays use powerful DIP LEDs, which are from the best LED suppliers both at home and abroad. The LED lamps are with high quality LED chips. It’s with high brightness, but low electric current , which keeps the Led display lasting for long. utdoor LED display has the advantage of excellent flatness, super uniformity color and brightness and long viewing distance. It’s widely used in commercial advertisement, stadium, exhibition, TV-Show, mansion video wall, shopping malls, stations, hotels, etc.

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*Sharp brightness, visible in the sun;
*Highly waterproof: IP65/65 or IP65/43(front & rear) panels optional;
Easily configured for various sizes and aspect * ratios;
*Wide viewing angle and long viewing distance;
*Real pixel and virtual pixel optional;
*Brightness control of 256 levels;
*Excellent flatness, seamless display.