Cross LED Display


LEDSOLUTION’s Cross LED Display is a kind of fashionable sign and effective advertising tool. Its cross-shaped display body makes it perfectly favorable for the hospital, pharmacy, church and other possible places. This kind of LED Display can show text, picture, video, the real time and temperature, etc. The display color can be single, double and full color. It also has the advantages of high brightness, light weight, stable work hour and low power consumption, therefore, easy to use and maintain.

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*Ultra-high brightness, double-sided displays, fashionable design—attractive signs for hospital,
pharmacy, church, etc;
*Able to display current temperature, humidity, time, date, graphics, animations and free
text messages in different languages. Contents can be arbitrarily set and easily modified;
*On and off option allows messages to display at predetermined hours and minutes;
*Workable Software: Windows7, VISTA, XP, 2000, 98; English/French/Italian versions are OK;
*Work around the clock, automatically adjusts brightness to the working environment;
*Anti-acid, anti-freeze, windbreak, rainproof, moisture-proof, thunder-proof;
*Thin and slim display body, convenient transport and maintenance;
*Low power consumption, environmental-friendly.

60×60 LED Cross Pharmacy

  60×60 LED Cross Pharmacy Model: LS-PC-P6-96×96 ​Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P8 Pharmacy LED Cross Sign Model: LS-PC-P8-96×96 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P12.5 LED Pharmacy Cross Model: LS-PC-P12.5-48×48 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P16 LED Pharmacy Cross Model: LS-PC-P16-48×48 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P16 LED Pharmacy Cross Sign Model: LS-PC-P16-64×64 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P20 Pharmacy LED Cross Sign Model: LS-PC-P20-48×48 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display


P20 64×64 Pharmacy Cross LED Sign Model: LS-PC-P20-64×64 Application: Outdoor Cross LED Display