LED Dome

Compare with the traditional projector dome system used today, the LED Dome System has higher brightness and wider color ganut to show more realistic and beautiful starry skies with higher quality by using self-luminous element LED. With rich and professional knowledge of LED dome manufacturing, LEDSOLUTION will provide the LED Dome System as a great…

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen

The Flexible LED Screen provides the possibility to shape the actual variety of ideas. Taking the cases we have done as an example, there are inner arc Flexible LED Screen, outer arc Flexible LED Screen, cylindrical Flexible LED Screen, wavy Flexible LED Screen, and Mobius Ring Flexible LED Screen. LEDSOLUTION Flexible LED Screen is available…

Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED Display

Nowadays, LED DISPLAY occupies a very important position in the advertising field. Because the size of the LED display screen can be large or small, some can be installed indoors and some can be installed outdoors. The outdoor products are bright, visible in the sun, UV-resistant and waterproof. Standard-sized modules can also be assembled into…

Totem LED Display

Totem LED Display

LEDSOLUTION Totem LED Display is a stand-alone, offline digital signage display. The LEDSOLUTION Totem LED Display can be installed in a flexible and changeable way, that is, it can stand alone or in combination with multiple screens, with optional locking casters, which are very convenient to move. It can also be wall mounted, or suspended…

Full front service LED Display cabient for indoor wall mounted

4 different sizes of cabinets splicing LED screens to adapt to different size requirements

Indoor full front maintenance C series products include 4 different sizes of cabinets: 960*480mm,  640*480mm, 640*640mm, 320*640mm. These four different sizes of cabinets can be mixed and spliced to suit different LED screens size requirements. The C series is a front maintenance product, suitable for indoor wall installation. Cabinet installation, cable connection, and module maintenance…

Cable-free module design led display

LEDSOLUTION launched 960×480 Pro Series Product

LEDSOLUTION Lauched new series High Definition LED Display – 960×480 Pro Series, a high end LED Display that anyone can maintain,Cable-free module design. Feature: *Full front service *Cable-free module design *Easy maintain *Perfect seamless stitching* Pitch option: P1.5, P1.8, P2.5 For more product and price information, please contact our sales team. Request A Free Quote