LED Video Wall for Shopping Mall

LED Video Wall for Shopping Mall

In general, LED display has played an effective role in business promotion. Similarly, employing LED video wall in the shopping malls is extensively useful to enhance retail business. First, in public places, like shopping malls where foot traffic is usually high, Videos walls can greatly improved the effectiveness of advertising. Second, LED Video Walls are…

P6.67 Module Front Service LED Display

P6.67 Outdoor Module Front Service LED Display

P6.67 Outdoor Module Front Service LED Display


Outdoor P6.67 front service LED display, equipped with 320mm x320mm module size, is specially developed for dual maintenance on both front and back sides of the LED display panels with limited space.
Easy maintenance & fast installation: With only a wrench, one module can be installed or disassembled in 10 seconds.
It is a superior front service solution in application for outdoor branding and advertising.


Excellent Indoor&Outdoor Wavy LED Display

Excellent Indoor&Outdoor Wavy LED Display


Nowadays, wavy LED display is widely used in a daily commercial display, particularly for indoor display.

We, LEDSOLUTION are a professional LED display manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experiences especially in wave LED display. We do many projects in this field.

P1.8 High Resolution Curve LED Display

LEDSOLUTION’s P1.875 curve LED display: This is perhaps the smallest pixel pitch of curve LED display in LED industry so far. It’s with extremely high resolution, superb color & brightness uniformity, high refresh rate and good contrast ratio. What’s more, it achieved really seamless module connection. Since the pixel pitch is 1.875mm, even a small…

P4 indoor led display with perfect curve design

Perfect P4 Indoor Curve LED Display

LEDSOLUTION just finished a batch of P4 indoor curve LED displays. Let’s take a quick look at its perfect and elegant curve.   As we can see, the LED display looks perfect from all different viewing angles. The curved shape is very smooth and beautiful, and it’s seamless between the modules. We know curve LED…

P2.5 4.5m led sphere design

LEDSOLUTION Customized LED Sphere Products

As a professional and experienced LED display manufacturer, LEDSOLUTION provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Here we are going to talk about the LED sphere products. Why choose LEDSOLUTION for LED sphere products? Professional R&D We have a professional, skilled and stable R&D team. Our engineers have designed all kinds of LED display…



LEDSOLUTION’s new project of P3.91 die-cast LED display:   P3.91 die-cast LED display is very popular, for both rental and fixed installation. We export quite a lot of this product every year. It’s one of our best-selling. Pixel pitch: 3.91mm Panel size: 500mm*1000mm or 500mm*500mm Service mode: back service or front service Panel material: die-cast…